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Nov 26, 2012

இ Men are fr♂m 陽 Yáng, W♀men are fr♀m 陰 Yīn

Image courtesy of newsilike 
Just before the eye 'open knife' Bananaz searched the internet and found so much more information of our human eye. What is the equivalent megapixels camera does the human eye have? Digital camera manufacturers capitalize their advertisements on their products' megapixels though may not always be the case of when more is better. A megapixel refers to the amount of pixels, or dots, captured in each picture. The word pixel is based on a contraction of pix (pictures) and el (for 'element'). Even the latest point-and-shoot digital cameras contain 8 to 16MP 'MegaPixels' of resolution, while some professional DSLR cameras contain over 20MP. Our human eye can handle approximately 576 megapixels. 

WhyAskWhy men are prone to suffer from CVD 'Colour Vision Deficiency' but not women?  Answer is simple because 'Men are from Yahoo *Yáng*陽, Women are from Goggle *Yīn*陰' haha. Actually the answer lies in the genes and the types of cones (Short, Medium & Long waves) which are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye that are responsible for colour vision. Colour blindness is heredity, but only seemed to affect the men as one in 12 of them are colour blind compared to one in 255 womenIndividuals who are colour blind have only two types of cones, making them dichromatic and most animals are colour blind too. Most people have three types of cones described as being trichromatic. Some women may have more types of cones than men so they recognise colour differently because females have two (XX) chromosome while males have only one (XY) chromosome. Because of the X-linked trait an estimated 2-3% of women are considered tetrachormats as they may have a 4th cone. Wonder if women are colour blind what will happen to the cosmetics & fashion industry? Business will be just as good or worst?  

What about olfactory (sense of smell) sensitivity? According to BBC women have a greater ability to detect smell than men, and this may be linked to estrogen hormones. The structure of the nose is the same in women as men, and they don’t have any more receptors in the nose, but studies have shown smells activate a greater region in the brain in women than men. In one study, they were able to do better than men in differentiating between odors and picking up faint and slight odors. Saw one of our local TV advertisement regarding fresheners where the husband was lying comfortably in bed about to sleep until the wife hop on the bed to discover the bad odour of the bed sheet & pillow. Guess that advertising agency did their homework.

Once again not into any battle of the sexes with no superiority intended and end here with a joke: A guy donated blood to his girlfriend. When they broke up, he wanted his blood back. The girl threw a bloody pad at him and said, 'I'll pay you in monthly installments.' Don't play play must be extremely careful with ladies, they can bleed for a week but still survive.

 இ Your pupils dilate when you see someone you love. They also dilate when you see someone you hate ;(. ~ Bananaz Beleaf It Or Nought!

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