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Sep 22, 2010

இ Bananaz Exposed

The Moment of Truth ~ Male or Female? Most probably could hear some sound of dropping glasses. Oops we have blogger Voon  and  +Ant+ beleafing Bananaz is 'female' :(. Well Voon sorry you are just poorer by two PappaRich ABC.

Botanical name: musa ornata
Common name: Quan
Family: musacaeae
Origin: Kedah
Nursery: Penang
Replanted: Selangor
Species: MALE
Offspring: one (1) ornata daughter

Our friendly Panda foongpc just got himself his very first iPhone 3GS which made Bananaz turned green with envy {haha}. The only set back is the inability to decide getting a smart or dumb phone, a blackberry or strawberry handphone. The ultimate criteria must be C&G [cheap & good] with lots and lots of multi function. Googled to look for C&G or in Cantonese PLC [pang lang chang] {cheap, lovely and awesome} hand phone. Eureka..look what I've found ta..daaa..the "Sumsing Turbo 3000 Xi Multitask". Check this you think its WYSIWYG and value for money? hehehe ~;)

Happy ZongQiuJie [Mid Autumn Festival] 中秋快樂

EM Banana lifting weights

Sep 19, 2010


Merryn, Voon & Manglish playing Sherlock Holmes
Hanging cluster of bunch and combs
Is banana plant a herb or tree
Some bet Bananaz not he but she
Suspense eating 'em up coz of S:E:X
Damaging brain cells what the heck
Who wanna see banana peeling a peel
Guess it just lacked sex appeal
Alfa Bravo Charlie
Simplified as ABC
  If 'M' stands for mother
'F' ought to be father
Then poor M-ale and F-emale
Would tango outta email
Baby 'B' has grown to boy
Sister 'G' brings all the joy
Curiosity killed the cat
Satisfaction brought it back

Guess what! OMG the three 'Sherlock Holmes' are getting bolder, after getting SEX now they are betting on Bananaz's year of birth *aiyo age is secret mah* so how?..Bananaz's answer would be Every Year lor..

EM Banana with poster LAME

Sep 16, 2010

இ Boobs Cover ~ 內在美

That's right 'boobs cover' was the two words innocently said by my little girl who was creative enough pointing to a bra during her kindy days. So what is it called in Chinese? Checked with MDBG Chinese Dictionary and it says 胸罩xiōngzhào; 奶罩nǎizhào; 乳罩rǔzhào. However one colleague of mine said it beautifully with her version of  "內在美 nèi zài měi" [inner innate beauty], wow what classic name.

Wonder how many men would understand or bother to know more about bra or to keep abreast of the women's intimate apparel? According to wikipedia ~ "Women wear bras for a variety of purposes, for support, to improve the shape of breasts, to reduce or to enlarge the perceived breast size, to restrain breast movement during an activity such as exercise, to enhance their cleavage or to facilitate nursing. Most bras are designed to be form-fitting and to lift the breasts off the chest wall if they sag and to restrain their movement". Now I know the bra serves quite a full range of purposes, no doubt it will enhance cleavage but must be careful where and when to wear them. Read an interesting post by Tekkaus about ladies who show their cleavage at work get fired.. oh dear!

Wearing bra in style..Cool!!!!

Thailand is just next door to Malaysia up in the North, as usual ladies are gifted in economics knowing perfectly well, how to take advantage of price differentials. The Thai ladies when shopping in Malaysia would triumphed over Wacoal with loads of Triumph bras and the reverse for Malaysian ladies going wacko over Wacoal bras while in Thailand. Some years back we were in Thailand during one of our company trip I uttered "guys I wanna buy bras". Know something? My two senior managers were "stunned" as this was their first ever encounter hearing it. Both said in tandem "men never buy bra!". Does this statement made me not man enough? Jokingly they urged me to keep a distance in the supermarket as not to tarnish their manliness.. oh really! Will have to proceed on my own with an awkward feeling initially but the two lovely Thai salesgirls were warm enough to thaw my almost frozen arteries. After showing the specification required they began sorting out the stocks and honestly I felt so relax and at ease as they were real nice and helpful, recommending and showing me various latest design, the popular and the trendy bras, etc. Mission accomplished finally, said "kop khun krap" {that's 'thank you' in Thai} left the place with three Wacoal bras.

Wonder would the guys mind buying bras for their darling? Maybe the younger generation may have no qualms about it. Will most people still have the taboos and also maintain the old traditional thinking ~ men should wear the pants 大男人主義 dà nánrén zhǔyì [big man ideology]? What about the ladies would you encourage your hubby or boyfriend to purchase bras for you if given the exact brand, model and specification? Food for thought..

EM Banana jumping rope

Special thanks to Autumn Belle for her kind permission to use her pink bananaz flower photo for my header. It was a love at first sight, I mean not with Autumn Belle but the awesome ornata pinky flowers hehe.

Sep 8, 2010

இ Blind Spots

Still remember what you have learned during those 'L' licence driving days? To turn left have to stretch out the right arm and do a counter clockwise circling. What about getting ready to stop? Put out the right hand, wave up and down a few times then raise the hand at a right angle perpendicular at the elbow. Guess what? Once we passed the test we tend to forget what we learnt but merely rely on the indicator and the brake light indicator.

How many would depend on the two side mirrors while driving and during reverse aka gostan parking? Do you turn your head and look backwards before overtaking a car in front or trust the right side mirror or both looking at the side mirror thereafter looking backwards before deciding to overtake? Of course first thing first the right indicator light should be turned on before overtaking. How many are aware of 'blind spots' which could be gravely dangerous if not properly adjusted. What you gonna watch in the video below is some adjustment advice on the optimum angle for our two side mirrors which are very beneficial and useful tips for us to adhere to.

Happy driving and berhati hati di jalan raya, drive safefully (safely+carefully) during the balik kampung holidays and would seize this opportunity to wish all Muslims readers ~ "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" Maaf Zahir dan Batin and to the rest wish you have a Blessedly Happy Raya Holidays.

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