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Jan 23, 2012

இ Enter the Dragon ~ 恭喜發財


We cannot Drag-on for too long gotta bid goodbye 兔tù-gether to the Rabbit and usher in the Dragon@Jan23, 2012. May the Year of the Dragon breathe fire and passion into everything you do. Wishing You Good Health, Great Wealth, Success, Happiness and in perfect Harmony with the Universe.

*fú* ~ meaning happiness | good fortune | good luck | a blessing | bliss. For those celebrating Chinese New Year this word is the most popular besides the dragon in almost every household or shops. You see it everywhere, on angpow packets, paperbags, hampers, lanterns, greeting cards whatnot. They are hanging or pasted on walls or at strategic location as advised by fengshui master. Some people do believe that by placing the word 福 *fú* upside down would bring them good luck as fortune some how will drop in. How true? *Gong*Xi*Fa*Cai*

Addendum: Thanks to Casendra for shedding some light on the inverted 福*fú* as *dào* is a homophone word for either 倒*dào*[invert] or 到*dào*[arrive]. Thus for fortune 福*fú* to arrive which is 福到 *fú dào* the inverted 福*fú* represents a combination of invert/arrive.

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Jan 8, 2012

இ Oohs and Aahs

Now Everyone Can Sing! You do not need to know any Chinese or lyrics at all. How about singing this song in your next karaoke session all you need is [..]
a--o,a--o e, a se di, a se do, a se da g3 di g3 do, a se di, a se da g3 do, a--[a yi ya yi yo,] a se di g3 [dai, da g3 dai, da g3 dai, da g3 da g3 di g3 dai, da g3 dai, da g3 do,][..] Not possible? A Yi Ya Yi Yo some are not completely convinced? Bananaz Beleaf It Or Not..Have a go..click on the video clip for the Oohs and Aahs. The lyrics doesn’t mean a thing only “嗯、哦、唉、哟……”. Basically this song tries to mimic by showing faces of a happy person, sad, anger and so on. She is sensational and delivers it superbly.

Imagine a song without lyrics could win her the Best Singing Award of European World Music Awards in 2009. It became a hit on December 1, 2010 during a Grammy Award presentation and remained as the Grammy's best music for three weeks and the song name is 忐忑 pinyin:*tǎntè* meaning "Disturbed or Uneasy". She is a Chinese folk music soprano singer who hails from Guizhou Province. Her name is Gong Linna 龚琳娜, born in Guiyang in 1975, who won the Best Female Singer at China Central Television National Young Singer TV Grand Prix in 2000. It was in 2010 where hundreds of thousands of netizens watched her video clip singing 忐忑*tǎntè* that took China by storm.
牙細D 牙細達街凍

牙細丁 牙細東
牙細D 牙細達街凍

哎也唷 哎也唷
牙細跌格底 牙架底 牙架底
達架底 達架董

底 達架底 達架底
達架底 達架董

Some interesting 'discovery' while doing up this post with the two Chinese words. By itself 忐 and 忑 ma favorite companion the MDBG dictionary translated both as 'nervous' but when combined 忐忑 pinyin:*tǎntè* it means "Disturbed or Uneasy".

Noticed the word 忐*tǎn* where it comprises of 'Up上*shàng*' at the top and 'Heart心*xīn*' as the lower word.  Now look at 忑*tè* the 'Up' has been replaced with 'Down下*xià*' on top of 'Heart心*xīn*'. So the Ups and Downs inevitably perturbed the Heart resulting a 'disturbed or uneasy' person.

Cutest little 6 year old Chinese girl - on China's Got Talent with her 忐忑 pinyin:*tǎntè*. The pretty judge asked her why she chose a song without lyrics. Little girl replied saying there is except they are 亂七八糟 *luàn qī bā zāo* 'everything in disorder'. Sorry Bananaz not able to translate the full conversation but judging by the faces of laughter with tears you shall get the message, coz actions speak louder than words. Kindly standby your tissue paper after you ROTFL *roll on the floor laughing* when your heart is perturbed.

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Jan 5, 2012

இ ATM PIN # Reversal

We progressed over the centuries with the state-of-the-art Internet Technology where information could be transmitted enormously at lightning speed merely by word-of-mouse. Just zooming in at a small portion of internet regarding em@ils where '@' is part and parcel of our mundane life. Emails that are in circulation ranges from A-Z comprises of the good, bad and ugly. Some are informative and some educational however there are bound to attract Big Ghost Head  大鬼頭 pinyin:*dà guǐ tóu* a common ghostly name used among the Chinese community for mischievous leader. They start the mouse rolling sending viral hoax emails as per their whims and fancies around the globe like those hand written chain letters of the past. Gratitude highlighted a few randomly in his last post "It's a sad sad life!" where he ended up perplexed  and said ~ "I am totally screwed up now and have little chance of recovery." You are not alone Gratitude, it's indeed a bewilderment if we were to follow all the emails received, we can't eat, drink or sleep in peace.

Recently a nagging email which appeared few years ago re-surfaced again and hope this entry may shed some light and may save lives. Please do not follow the tactic below and put a stop in forwarding, it's a HOAX.

Subject: ATM Pin Number reversal tactic
If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to the location. [...].

Bananaz have checked with a banker friend whose answer is self explanatory.. "If you key-in your pin numbers wrongly for three times, your ATM card will be 'eaten' by the machine. So what is the difference if you key-in your pin number in reverse". Kindly check it out with snoopes.com as they have confirmed its FALSE in their title "PINned Hopes". The system was patented in 1998 but nothing came of it as it was not viable. Totally agree with this quote by Chuck Stones of the Kansas Bankers Association in 2004 ~ "I'm not sure anyone here could remember their PIN numbers backward with a gun to their head". Another alternative website for checking on hoax is truthorfiction.com.

On a brighter side let's relax, have some fun with this cute ATM machine. Credit goes to the original artist for the great sense of humor. Wonder any bank may wish to buy this brilliant idea to generate more transactions. Anyway guys.. dream on!! (If you have a challenge with the wordings pleaze press 'Ctrl' & '+').

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