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Oct 30, 2010

இ Threesome..

Last post Bananaz blogged about stacking or joining two Chinese words together to form a new word. Now how about increasing the combination to threesome? What happens when three of the same words stacked together with the same word on two identical twin words? Here we go Ladies first..

Wonder why they dare not put three men together afraid they will create havoc? However  the simplified version  [jiān] has gotten rid of the two ladies hoping one lady cannot be too mischievious [just kidding].

When three cars 轟 [hōngcollide head on you would expect an explosive bing bang boom.

A piece of wood 木[mù] from a tree add another wood becomes woods 林 [lín] and add one more wood turned into a jungle/forest 森 [sēn]. Quite often these two words are used in tandem 森林 [sēn lín.] Some people would have this surname Lam/Lum/Lim/Lin 林[lín] as well. tQ  to  Lily Riani for the wooden tips.

Three mouths  品 [pǐn] can also mean to criticize / to comment / to judge or to size up, besides being a commodity or product. Bananaz can only think of four words to share for the time being regarding threesome and would appreciate any additional new threesome or maybe foursome (if any) words from readers.

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Oct 18, 2010

இ TWO in ONE..

歪 wāi ~ This word alone in Chinese stands for 'Crooked or Askew'. It is a combination of two words placed one on top of each other with [not] 不bù  + [straight] 正zhèng  thus the word ~ 歪 wāi [crooked]. There is a saying in Chinese 上梁不正下梁歪 shàng liáng bù zhèng xià liáng wāi literally means "when the top is not straight the bottom will become crooked". This is more inclined to negativity, often applied to a lousy head of a family, bad administrative corporation or to a country with rotten corrupted top guns.

Saw this word while watching "Justice Pao" on TV2 where the prisoners were wearing this word 囚 qiú meaning [prisoner] on their clothes. This word 囗 wéi [enclosure] has two meaning one of the most common is mouth. When 囗wéi  [enclosed] the 人rén [people] they are putting the person behind bars. Wow what a combination!

Click above to enlarge..

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Oct 10, 2010

ക WhyAskWhy¿ (6) Threes & Sixes

Here are some most popular idioms that we used to hear which involves 'threes' and 'sixes'. *WhyAskWhy* threes (3) & sixes (6)? For all you know accordingly some are just imaginary numbers and Bananaz picked on the three most frequently used sayings where they are often said in movies or in our everyday life. 

[i]. 三口六面 sān kǒu liù miàn [lit. 3 mouths 6 faces]
In most cases to clear of some misunderstanding it is often to sit down among three parties where three (3) mouths and 'the left + right' = two faces to become six (6) faces. It is not necessarily be 3 person, the most sensible approach is for the parties involved to explain all about it 'face to face'.
Example: We have to  '三口六面 3 mouths 6 faces' clear the misunderstanding with the Chong's tonight..

[ii]. 三頭六臂 sān tóu liù bì [lit.3 heads 6 arms]
Normally refers to people to have 3 heads and 6 arms or superhuman who are good in multi-tasking and extremely talented.
Example: Bozz how to finish the workload by tonight? You think I've got '三頭六臂 3 heads 6 arms?'

[iii]. 三姑六婆 sān gū liù pó [lit.3 aunts 6 elderly women]
This one is a bit tricky and Bananaz would need 'professional' help as some sources refer sān gū to the 3 nuns where some refer to father's sisters associated with gossips and the Six (6) po's or elderly women : tQ [SK] who added this " 三姑sān gū actually means 姑婆gūpó, 姑媽gūmā and 姑姐gūjiě".
1.Teeth po 牙婆yápó ~ traffickers of women or concubines; 2.Matchmaker po 媒婆méipó ~ designed to introduce female human; 3.Master po 师婆shīpó ~ witch woman; 4.Qiánpó虔婆 ~ brothel madam or immodest woman; 5.Medicine po 药婆yàopó ~ to give medical treatment with drugs or harm others; 6.Stable po 稳婆wěn pó ~ Formerly known as the court or the official service of the midwives. Six women is the name of a variety of professional usually disreputable or illegal professions sometimes a person can wear many hats.
Example: I hate to go visiting during Chinese New Year lots of  '三姑六婆 3 aunts 6 elderly women' giving me lots of pressure asking why I'm not married yet.

Today is the Double Ten Day ++ (traditional Chinese: 雙十節; pinyin: Shuāng Shí Jié) is the national day of the Republic of China and celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911, which led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China and establishment of the Republic of China on January 1, 1912. Read more from wikipedia. Not only Double Ten but a perfect Triple Ten 10.10.10..

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Oct 4, 2010

இ Online Dating..徵婚..

What a coincidence CH Voon posted on some internet search with Google and Bananaz got something in mind regarding how effective will the internet search be?. Will you get an apple if you search for red fruit or get tomato instead? Here is a Chinese girl from China who is in search for a date online and guess how accurate or specific you need to do up an internet search.

(i) First Attempt she typed in the keywords in Chinese ~
1. 要帥 [yāo shuài]
2. 要有車 [yāo yǒuchē]
~ Want Macho man with car.
Please click : Result Exit

(ii) Second attempt she then typed in
1. 要有漂亮的房子 [yàoyǒu piàoliang de fángzi]
2. 要有很多錢 [yàoyǒu hěn duō qián]
~ Want big nice building & lots of cash
Please click : Result Exit

(iii) Third attempt she goes for a final try with
1. 要長得酷 [yāo zhǎngde kù]
2. 又要有安全感 [yòu yàoyǒu ānquán gǎn]
~ Want someone who's cool with security
Please click : Result Exit

Please choose to continue reading : Details Exit

Thanks to Katherine for the email and the translation..& of course special thanks to the scripteaser sifu of html [SK] for fine tuning and so nice of him to redo the whole script for me as I was in a total mess..

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