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Nov 17, 2009

ക Name Calling

Before peeling of Bananaz thoughts begins, probably need to quantify & qualify the Bananaz People into various condition to evaluate the severity of 'white thoughts'. Need to go back three generations, how about classifying them into three categories by way of sizzling steak ~ "RARE, MEDIUM and WELL DONE" BANANAZ. For easy reference "Chinaman" refers to those educated in the Chinese medium and "Bananaz" refers to the English educated.

The RARE - First (Grandparents) and Second generation(Parents) are 'Chinaman' and the Third generation are Bananaz. [Gen1.Chinaman, Gen2.Chinaman, Gen3.Bananaz]. This is where I belong, I'm the Rare Bananaz.

The MEDIUM- First generation (Grandparents) are 'Chinaman' with the Second generation (Parents) and Third generation are Bananaz. [Gen1.Chinaman, Gen2.Bananaz, Gen3.Bananaz]

The WELL DONE - All Three generations (Grandparents/Parents/Children) are Bananaz. [Gen1.Bananaz, Gen2.Bananaz, Gen3.Bananaz]

So where are you? TRAPPED in the wrong peels or the wrong shells meaning an Egg, white on the outside, yellow on the inside - referring to mixed marriages with Westerners. This is very common in Hong Kong and click HERE for more related details on Eggs, which I have borrowed some of her thoughts. This does not take into account of those mixed marriages between the other races, religion or nationality as not to complicate matters.

Have to make my point very clear that this blog is not meant to ridicule any "Chinaman" to be worst off or the "Bananaz" as better people will keep my level best to remain nuetral with no malicious thoughts intended. Back to the real purpose of this blog is towards the sharing of the thoughts of Bananaz without fear or favor. I have mentioned earlier to post on names calling between the two sides, here you go..

The battle of the Titans : Name Calling
Bananaz: are referred to as "Xiangjiaoren" 香蕉人 [Mandarin] {BananaPeople} or sometimes "Wàng běn" 忘本 [Mandarin] {Forget your roots} and the "AngMohSai" [Hokkien] {Caucasian sh*t}. How this "AngMohSai" came about is people presume and take for granted Bananaz will do everything the Caucasian way eat,sleep,talk,think and whatsoever inclusive of the sh*t. Sticks and stones may break my bones but not name calling. Come to think of it I've got used to whatever names being thrown at over the years.

Chinaman: Bananaz hit back at them calling name like "Shì bù shì" 是不是 [Mandarin]{YesNoYes} or simply Chinaman.

Just out of curiosity (no offence intended) any idea what will people call an Indian who is educated in English and knows nothing about read and write Tamil?

13 Bunchesஇ:

Mei Teng said...

Haha...I can be considered "banana" too. Can't read/write Mandarin.

Bananaz said...

Mei Teng, Welcome to Bananaz Klub.ക

CheaHS@n said...

Hi I'm bananaz too the RARE one.

Bananaz said...

CheaHS@n, great we are one krazy bunch..ക

Shingo T said...

On a unrealted note, your blog layout has me going bananas. You grew up eating nothing but bananas?

An Indian who is educated in English and knows nothing about read and write Tamil is still an Indian.

Bananaz said...

Hello Shingo T, thanks for slipping by and glad to hear you go bananaz haha. Bananaz is just a 'theme' and blog is pretty new still at intro, love to eat bananaz though.

Someone said "mangosteen" is rather close. ക

jam said...

I am a pure "Yes No Yes". But your mandarin level not bad leh! Still be able to write down so many Chinese characters!

Bananaz said...

Hello Jam, 哪裏哪裏 nǎlǐ nǎlǐ (where got where got)..some guessing work. Your English also 'keng' better than some Bananaz (me included). Am learning Mandarin now found good Jeannie loashi who showed me "MDBG Chinese/English Dictionary". 請多多啟教 qǐng duōduō qǐjiāo (Pls enlighten me)

foongpc said...

I think I belong to the medium category as my father is a banana but my mom speaks Mandarin!

wenn said...

i'm english educated but i studied mandarin just for a few years..but hardly use it..

Bananaz said...

foongpc, so you OK got mom to teach presume you can speak fairly well even though you don't read and write Chinese.

wenn, oh that's much better than me, I merely attended some night school only.ക

[SK] said...

i know both Chinese and English, so what am i?? hahaha, Chinaman Bananaz?? :p

and oh, for your curiosity, Indian who is educated in English and knows nothing about read and write Tamil are KUACI??? haha, no offence.. :)

Bananaz said...

SK, thanks for slipping by so nice to know two languages. Haha Chinaman Bananaz!!!So we have mangosteen now kuaci. ക

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