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Jul 12, 2010

இ Blog Idol FINAL ROUND : Most Favorite Song *YOU'RE THE VOICE*

Oh-ö-ö-ö, Whoa-ö-ö-ö! Wake me I'm dreaming? After encountering all the heart pounding plus missing some heart beat coupled with biting nails trailing behind round after round Bananaz is finally into the Final. Sorry Mariuca you 'fought' pretty well, great choice of songs you've got. Moment of Truth ~ The Clash of Tiger vz Dragon is about to begin pretty soon and guess who shall be the Blog Idol 2010, Crouching Faisal or Hidden Bananaz? All the best to you Faisal, Good Luck!. Once again this can never ever have happened for Bananaz to go this far without the strong continuous support of fellow bloggers, friends and relatives for upholding my votes. T:H:A:N:K Y:O:U so much.

You're The Voice" was awarded the 1987 Aria Award for "Single of the Year". The song was one of the biggest hits of the year in Australia, topping the singles chart there for many weeks. It is also one of Farnham's biggest international successes. "You're the Voice," peaked at #1 in Sweden and Australia, as well as being a Top Ten hit in some European countries: #3 in Switzerland, #6 in the UK, and #6 in Austria".

Bananaz would like to borrow the chorus of my most favorite song ~ "You're the voice, try and understand it. Make a *VOTE* and make it clear. Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!" tQ once again..

Lyrics | Farnham John lyrics - You're The Voice lyrics

14 Bunchesஇ:

Tekkaus said...

Yupe! You made it bro. :D

Bananazஇ said...

Tekkaus இ tQ wouldnt have done it without your strong support thankz once again.

Merryn said...

Hidden Bananaz... Go Go GO!!!!

manglish said...

hmmm i still duno how u play the game leh...i read last time but dun understand but if u win much they give u? AHAHAHAHAHHAAHA.....can share one or not?

Kelvin said...


suituapui said...

Hey! I dunno this song. Let me listen first... LOL!!!


Congrats Bro :)

Jingle said...

well deserved honor.

Jingle said...

vote for

short stories,

thank you.

Bananazஇ said...

Merryn இ tQ very much..cheers

Manglish இ game is simple all you need is to choose 10 songs according to the category and submit them before the closing date and each week the selected song with the lowest votes will be eliminated. And as voters you may also win some lucky draw prizes. There is some reward sorry cant remember the amount for the Champion and runners up gotta dig into the first posting and the enhancement. Share er...50:50 or 90:10 hahaha..How about joining in 2011 keep you in mind.

Kelvin இ tQ Sir you have been a great support all the time.

suituapui இ hope you like the song..or shall say you must love the song haha..


Jingle இ tQ very much do you know you can also participate in the voting as well. cheers..

Alice Law said...

Voted Bananazஇ, that's a beautiful song with meaningful lyric.:)

Best of luck!

Bananazஇ said...

Alice Law இ Oh-o-o, Whoa-o-o tQ so much. Yeah lyric very meaningful and I quite like the bagpipes and the big drum..

Jingle said...

please help vote:

short stories,
or food/cooking,

you gain one vote when you vote for others...

u r nominated...

Dominick said...

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