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Jun 30, 2010

இ Trains ~ PUSH:PUSH:PUSH..

Arab student sends an email...

Dear Dad,

Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here. But Dad,

I am a bit ashamed to arrive at my college in my White Gold Mercedes, when all my Teachers travel by train.

Your Son

Sometime later, Nasser gets a reply from his Dad:

Loving son,

Twenty Million Dollars transferred to your account. Please stop embarrassing us, go and get yourself a train too.

Your Dad

"If you born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor it's your mistake ~ Bill Gates

How we wished to have such a mis-understanding dad! Have read a few postings and comments on our local train services by fellow bloggers and Bananaz can understand and know how you all feel when the service is not up to standard and the LRT or commuter trains are packed like sardines. Perhaps relax a bit, you might wanna check this out on the condition in Japan. Manglish could be in a better position to add-in more input with his real life experience there. I have a lady friend who studied and worked in Tokyo couple of years back, faced this 'push' everyday and what she had to do is to carry her bag pack at the front and join in the squeeze. If you cannot win them join them. Have a go and feel how is it like being "PUSHED" everyday..

Phewwwww!!!Oh my goodness..this is a second video added to convince [SK] its happening in Japan listen carefully to the Nihonjin speaking and the station announcement too haha so desu nei..

First comment from smallkucing ~ "Apart of the Sardine situation, there is always the Mr Octopus situation also...haiz..."

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Jun 26, 2010

இ Dead Slow Tortoise Speed

Not very sure it's because of the Waka Waka from South Africa that 'vuvuzela-ed' the internet speed. Obviously the sound pressure of 120 dB would not slow down the internet speed but certainly would deafen the ears. In actual fact the sound of Vuvuzelas (learned the word from foongpc's Random notes #13) has attracted the whole world to logon the internet and more or less can safely say it's most likely one of the prime culprits. Made a few complaints to TM regarding  the dead slow speed of the 1.0M package and was advised by the technical team to run a test and lodge a complain which I did. Based on the results I need to choose the time to surf and go online as not to clash with World Cup matches at least until early July to re-monitor again. Would I be jumping into conclusion way too soon? Anyone has other findings or answers why the internet speed was crawling like tortoise? Check this out for comparison:

Disclaimer: *'The speedometer is valid for Streamyx and Business Broadband users only'

Test 1. TM Speedometer 2.0.5
Date: 26June2010 @ Time: 00:33HRS (click to enlarge pix)
Download Speed: 164 kbps (21 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed : 294 kbps (37 KB/sec transfer rate)

Test 2. TM Speedometer 2.0.5
Date: 26June2010 @ Time: 13:26HRS (click to enlarge pix)
Download Speed : 1775 kbps (222 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 464 kbps (58 KB/sec transfer rate)

Test 3. SpeedTest (Independent)
Date: 26June2010 @ Time : 13:45HRS (click to enlarge pix)
Download Speed : 1333 kbps
Upload Speed : 410 kbps

For those not screaming with TM Screamyx services can check it out using this independent speedtest and would like to hear from you on the results. BTW do you have any idea where we stand in the speed ranking as at today? The country with the multimedia super corridor  is placed at No.106 for downloading and No.90 for uploading according to and which country is world's Top? Anyonghaseyo 안녕하세요 salute to South Korea who scored No. 1 for both downloading & uploading speed. Whoa! Impressed with our friendly neighbours Cambodia and Vietnam who are ahead of us..

Use to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications, and online gaming require more than just raw speed. Test your connection now to get your rating.

Since on the subject of tortoise how about some tongue twisting in Cantonese? Have fun..
三元一斤雞, 三元 一斤龜,
saam1 maan1 yat1 gan1 gai1, saam1 maan1 yat1 gan1 gwai1
你話啦, 雞貴過龜, 龜貴過 雞?
nei5 wa2 la1 gai1 gwai3 gwo1 gwai1, gwai1 gwai3 gwo1 gai?

[$3 one catty chicken, $3 one catty tortoise] (1 catty = 0.5kg)
[You tell me chicken cost more than tortoise or tortoise cost more than chicken?]

Often hear people say '38' 三八 [sanbā] relating to a person whose IQ is below average and 王八 [wángbā] has got some connection to tortoise right? Did it occur to you that you have been saying them too? Bananaz is real curious and would appreciate your comments how and why these two words came into being.

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Jun 20, 2010

இ Happy Papa's Day ~ <搭錯車> 酒矸倘賣嘸?

Happy Papa's Day to All Dear Fathers! Yes this is a Great Day to celebrate with Papas. Bananaz would only have sweet memories of my Papa and truly loves this part of the lyrics literally translated from the Mandarin song and it's specially dedicated to my dear beloved late Papa.

[Without heaven there is no earth,
Without earth there is no home,
Without home there is no you,
Without you there is no me].

No doubt my Papa a typical Chinaman, not expressive with loving words outwardly had never ever said "I Love You" to me before in his entire life but feeling his love and good vibes is already a blessings. If given a chance to rewind the clock would wish to have the opportunity to hug each other dearly coz we have not done this before and also to tell him "I Love You Papa". So people, cherish the precious moments while you still have the chance to say and do what you feel is best to your dear parents NOW! Can never ever forget my Papa's golden principle in life instilled in me over the years who walked the talk with his ~ 信用是本錢 [xìn yòng shì běn qián] means trustworthiness is a person's greatest capital/asset.

The MTV sung by Julie SuRui (苏芮) is a Taiwanese film about a mute war veteran uncle (孫越 Sun Yue) who collects empty wine bottles and sells them for a living. While on his rounds found an adorable abundant baby girl and brought her home and raised her up against all odds. Because of peer pressure not to jeopardize her singing career she was 'forced' not to reveal her relationship with her mute 'Papa'. How sad.. <搭錯車> The English name of the film [Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?] won the Best Actor ( 孫越 Sun Yue), best original music, the best episode and best recording awards from the Golden Horse Awards in 1983.

Show Chinese/English Lyrics: Yes No

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Jun 10, 2010

இ Who ¿ Blog IDOL 2009?

Was just pondering what will a Blogger normally do first thing when lay fingers on the keyboard after booting up? As a routine I will download my emails and later return to read them and next thing would click on  a few blogspot to allow them time to upload. I wonder you guys do check and click at the sidebars of any blogs that you visited? Must admit I seldom do that and kept seeing this "Trophy" thingy with the words ~ "Blog Idol 2009" at the sidebar of 'Panda' aka foongpc but did not ask about it until I participated in Blog Idol 2010 then only I found out what this Blog Idol is all about. Guess who's Blog Idol 2009? Some may have known already. (Btw 'the panda' has agreed to pay me handsomely and this gonna cost him an arm and leg..haha).

Thanks to [SK] 'The Scripteaser of the Year' for sharing on how to strip and tease the html script.

How the Panda won Blog IDOL 2009:

6 Pack Abs?

Great Swimmer?

Answer : None of the above! Other than showing his hairy legs and nothing else so how to see his 6 pack abs and moreover he cannot swim, will sink like a rock. OK very simple he only need to submit the best songs according to the category required and not to be eliminated in each week's competition until the final round to emerge the Champion. Not sure all are aware of the Blog Idol 2010 Season 3 contest which started in May 2010. The contest started off with a minor hiccup glad but it has been fixed. Salute to Bluedreamer27 for being instrumental in getting the contest going. C'mon Bloggers let's have great fun reminiscing down memory lane and travel back in time into those golden days. Blog Idol 2010 certainly need your fullest support to *VOTE* for your TOP 3 Songs every week until the Grand Finale in Round 10 ending in July 2010.

Here is some great tips from the former 2009 Blog Idol Champion f(Ö_Ö)ng ~ "A piece of advice from (ahem, ahem) to future contestants (sorry current contestants too late to take this advice! LOL!) - Choose your songs carefully and make sure the songs are songs that majority like! No point choosing a song that you like but no other people like! Makes sense? Good! That's all from former Blog Idol Champion. Haha!! - foongpc"

So far Bananaz had bitten all ten finger nails flat and attempting to bite toe nails right now haha. Thankz to all voters for liking my songs and truly appreciate your continuous support. CH Voon even went all out did a 'hard sell' on his blog. Anyway Bananaz shall continue to pray hard up to the 10th Round. (btw this is 'voted' as one of the best picture of the year becoz of the intensity of the dog's face that shows more sincerity than most people!)

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Jun 7, 2010


Early this morning [SK] posted about some bad telephone etiquette and one of it is wrong number calling and what a coincidence an email sent by a friend comes in timely to add-on to his entry. A 'wrong number' in the wee hours could sometimes be a big issue and that might strain the relationship of a lovely couple especially when the wife is the jealous type who always trusted her gut feelings to feel it in her bones. How many of you would think she has over reacted and her "women's intuition" is gonna be wrong this time OR the husband is plain innocent or have something up his sleeve??? Watch on..

Classic act by Carol Burnett and Tim Conway.

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Jun 3, 2010

ക WhyAskWhy¿ (04) ~ 'Gostan' & 'Calefare'

GOSTAN ~ Remember Bananaz last post about double parking? See I told you and even warned you much earlier not to double park! This is the cause and effect of double parking.. *just kidding*. In Malaysia the Malays, Chinese and Indians would use this common colloquial word 'gostan' without any problem its more like a national word now. Give a wild guess what the hell is this word 'gostan' and how did it come about?

Slowly and surely this word 'go astern' has gradually gone 'a turn' into the Malaysian scene and evolved to become 'gostan'. "Can you please 'gostan' your car a little bit more I need to get out from this parking lot?" Does this word 'gostan' rings a bell, sounds familiar? There is even one flyover in Penang near to Lam Wah Ee hospital nicknamed "gostan flyover" because its a single lane and only one car can go through the flyover and if there is any car breakdown all those cars behind would have to 'gostan' hence the nickname.

CALEFARE (Pronounced as "care-lair-fare") [Cantonese] ~ Lately have been seeing this word "calefare" being flowing constantly in the comments columns from Donna and quite timely to share how 'calefare' came into being. In the movie industry in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong this word 'calefare' will not be missed from the lips of movie directors or filming crew. Calefare refers to those 'non-important' acting roles for actors or actresses or the so called extras. Just like us during our primary days we would have done this before in school where all students be given a small flag either to welcome some VIPs or in school activities. Our role is to 'Carry Flag' and waive as hard as we can when the siren of outriders echoed the school compound with the VVIPs tailing behind or participate in any streets procession celebrating Independence Day waving the flags.

Hong Kong would be no exception with the students doing the same itsy bitsy tiny role of carry flag. Knowing the HongKees who are renowned for their Cantonese slang while speaking English coupled with the Asian consonant syndrome of mis-pronouncing 'R' with 'L' ended up as 'cally flag' and eventually cemented the word as 'calefare'. Bananaz got this version from an elderly optician who learned about it while on vacation in Hong Kong, of course there could be other version but I found this quite close as some refers to the food with curry and cafe [Mandarin version]. If you know of the original and true version would truly appreciate your comments please.

There is one Singaporean sitcom series titled "Calefare" starred by the 'Don't play play PCK' Gurmit Singh but nothing being mentioned about the origin of 'calefare'.

ஞ Blunder : #08.
Those days after watching war movie we would imitate the marching of soldiers and yelled it loud 'lap by lap' all the way home from the cinema. Naive thinking then thought it got something to do with footwork so that's it must be 'lap by lap'. It went on for quite some years until we finally realised our 'lap' does not synchronise with the right arm. We have to kiss our lap goodbye after so many wrong donkey years 'lapped by'. Take a wild guess what is the actual three words? .. its 'Left Right Left'. What the heck 'lap by lap' dude!!! *Paiseh* Blushing..

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