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Sep 25, 2012

இ Fly Me To The Moon - 中秋節 ZhōngQiūJié

Jade Rabbit ~ Image courtesy of Wikipedia
During this 8th lunar month our mind would be beaming with delight to celebrate the Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival and sharing fairytales of the goddess of moon, Chang' e 嫦娥 with her jade rabbit, paper lanterns etc. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 30Sept2012 where it is a full moon on the lunar 15th moon. Psychiatrist Glenn Wilson found that the full moon has been portrayed in folklore and legends for centuries as cause for celebration, particularly in the times before modern lighting. "There is good reason to believe that people's personalities do change around the time of the full moon, not because of any astronomical force, but because it creates the optimum lighting conditions for feeling carefree and mischievous," Wilson told the paper.

The video above says it all you that want to know about the history and celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival way back in ancient China with some interesting facts of how mooncake was cut and eaten in the imperial palace plus more stories of jade rabbit and grandpa rabbit.

Heard this sweet song umpteenth times by the late Teresa Teng but did not realise its musical coherence with the poem until this date. The lyric is based on an existing prose by a famous Chinese writer Su Shi (蘇軾 1063-1101 AD) better know as  Su Dongpo (蘇東坡). It was written during full moon in the annual Chinese Harvest Moon Holiday, when he was sharing drinks with friends, having already been sabotaged by his political rivals, fallen out of favor on his official post in Imperial China, and narrowly escaped a death sentence. For those who love poems, history or wanting to know the lyrics of this wonderful sweet song click the below button for more details. tQ to my scripteaser sifu SK for the html coaching. 

Chang'e 嫦娥 ~ Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The late Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11, the first man who set foot on the moon on 20th July 1969 with this historic phrase "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" may have  missed the close encounter with Chang'e 嫦娥, wife of the legendary hero Hou Yi, a great archer who accomplished great achievements by shooting down nine extra suns. Chang'e 嫦娥 rose up to the sky immediately after drinking the elixir and lived on the moon ever since. However the State Council of China officially approved the launch of the lunar orbiting probe program in January 2004 and the leading engineering team named it "Chang'e Project".  At 18:05hrs October 24th, 2007, China's first self-developed lunar orbiting satellite "Chang'e One" blasted off successfully in Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

Wishing All 中秋節快樂 Zhōng Qiū Jié Kuàilè Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

48 Bunchesஇ:

foongpc said...

I like the full moon! I feel better during full moon! Haha!

foongpc said...

Thanks for the videos! : )

foongpc said...

Oh! I love this beautiful song sung beautifully by Teresa Teng! But the only song I knew sung by her about the moon is the classic "The Moon Represents My Heart". Haha!!

foongpc said...

Happy Mooncake Festival to you and family!! I hope I still have some moon cakes left for this Sunday! LOL!

suituapui said...

Happy Mooncake Festival to you, Mango & family. Not eating any this year - cannot afford, too expensive. Sobssss!!!! I will be in Kuching, anyway...attending a friend's daughter's wedding...

yvonne said...

Happy Mid-Autumn to Bananaz and family~

I don't feel any differences on full moon. I'm just being myself.

But when I was young, nights with full moon would give me the creeps. I guess I watched too much horror movies - those vampires and werewolves :p

Yan said...

Month of 8th is definitely a happier and joyful month than month of 7th. My girls have 2 lanterns each, 1 paper, 1 plastic. lol!
I definitely need to work harder due to the intake of very sweet mooncakes. Snow skin one is my favourite.

但愿人长久 - I like this song to be sang by Faye Wong.

eugene said...

First of all,please send my warmest regards to Mango ya....second of all,I am not into full moon but still here wishing you all things great like full moon to you and Mango,,,finally,when are we meeting up again,hahahhahaha

wenn said...

interesting story..happy mid-autumn festival!

[SK] said...

hahaha, i am still me even though it's full moon at night.. and as i grow older, mid-autumn festival is just a normal day.. unlike last time, i will be looking forward to having mooncake and playing with lanterns..

[SK] said...

yeah, i wonder what would happen if Neil Armstrong met Chang Er? and how would Wu Gang react if they met each other?? oh, that could be a mess perhaps.. haha!!

Small Kucing said...

Laughing at SK's comment. That would be the day

Happy Mid-autumn to you Bananaz and Mango.

Eh dont take so much mooncakes ya. Too sweet

London Caller said...

Ha ha... Today's Julie Andrews retired.
We got Frank Sinatra!
Fly me to the Moon, that one is a classic.
But I like his My Way better.
I wanna have this son played at my funeral next time.

Mooncakes in London come from HK.
The pastry skin is so thick - very bad quality.

Leovi said...

I am delighted to be able to fit with my picture on the Mid-Autumn Festival interesting.

rainfield61 said...

Our next generation will soon forget about Chang er, and her story.

They know only Apples, Ipod, Ipad..

Caca said...

Happy Mid Autumn festival to you.

London Caller said...

Ha... Your childhood reminded of mine too!
My family used to have rubber tree plantation.
We sometimes used rubber glue (don't know what you call that - we put it in Milo tin) to light up fire one.
It helped to burn faster.
Fun time~

Got a clean stream in the estate too.
Went there to fish shengyu (ikan haruan).

lina said...

Happy mid-autumn festival. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Bananaz, very interesting post. Here in Toronto it's a quiet moon cake festival in spite of the huge chinese population.
Chinese supermarkets, stores are selling moon cakes now, as well those beautiful lanterns.
Not cheap too these moon cakes. I love those with mixed nuts.

Enjoyed reading the story of these moon cakes....
You have a nice day, stay easy.

Eric Lee Huangshi said...

Yeap.. I do heard that ppl personality and mood changes when there is a full moon. I too heard some version that people tend to be more aggressive during these periods as well. lol

Bananazஇ said...

foongpc இ hope you don't turned into something hairy this coming full moon haha I mean panda not werewolf lah. Think unable to find someone as good as Teresa. Happy mooncake festival to you & family too.

suituapui இ kesian cant afford woh..who would beleaf? Happy moon cake festival to you & family.

yvonne இ when young time mama says cant point at moon & we believed it will cut our ears. Mind over matter haha.

Bananazஇ said...

Yan இ 8th moon gives lots of happiness coz Bananaz was planted in autumn month. Still old horse prefer those traditional ones no likey snow skin haha. Faye's version is also geng.

eugene இ tQ Mango & Bananaz will hold hands on 15th moon watching Chang'e & jade rabbit. With grace of God we shall meet again.

wenn இ tQ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you & family

Autumn Belle said...

Snow skin is my favourite moon cake leh. I hope this festival will live on even though the moon has been invaded by humans many times and there are many moons on other planets. Happy Mid-Autumn to you, Mango and Cherry!

Bananazஇ said...

SK இ Googled about Wu Gang..oh yeah will be quite a mess if they really met each other.

Small Kucing இ tQ Happy Mid-Autumn to you and family too. Love eating moon cake being makan-ing everyday haha.

London Caller இ Thought HKG are famous for their food come back to Malaysia got nicer mooncakes haha

Bananazஇ said...

Leovi இ Great timing for both our post.

Rainfield 61இ True many have lost our culture and tradition and probably and our next generation would be asking this 'Chang'e who?'

Caca இ tQ for dropping by happy mid-atutumn festival to you too

Bananazஇ said...

London Caller இBananaz lived nearby rubber estate too collecting rubber seeds to play various games etc.

lina இtQ Have a great swinging time tumpang-ing during mid-autumn.

Uncle Lee இ Glad to know you can still able to find mooncake and enjoy the festival. Hope you would be Ok to sleep alone soundly while wifey makes a trip to Vancouver.

Bananazஇ said...

Eric Lee இ tQ for dropping by. Got a child hood friend will talk a lot on full moon time but quite silent during normal days haha.

Autumn Belle இ Chang'e may be losing her share in the moon haha. tQ Cherry, Mango & Bananaz wishing you you & family a great mid-autumn festival this coming Sunday. Being eating the nutty moon cakes everyday coz Mango knows Bananaz is old horse.

HappySurfer said...

The 8th month is certainly a merry month. I still prefer mooncakes made with added lard which makes them smoother and more moist while the non-lard ones are dry.

Strange that some Chinese mistake this festival to be a religious one. It is more customary than religious. Methinks.

Happy Tanglung Festival!

jam said...

Happy Mooncake Festival! Welcome back after missing for so long time.

Bananazஇ said...

HappySurfer இ Yes a merry month that's why skip the post on 'WakeII' as not to 'wake' the mood. True more of culture and tradition. Seldom see people praying to the moon. Best Wishes for a Happy Lunar Mid Autumn festival..

Jam இ Yup lost the momentum glad to be back. Happy Mooncake Festival.

Leovi said...

Congratulations, that cake must be very rich. Greetings.

London Caller said...

You like Innsbruck?
I quite like the city, quite a lot of things to see.
I was only there for a day.
Could not fit everything in a day lah.
Must go back another time.

EastCoastLife said...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Don't eat to many mooncakes for your health's sake. :P

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Happy Mid autumn festival to you and your family!

London Caller said...

Happy Mid Autumn!
Got save me some durian mooncakes or not?
I want D24, prawn king one. ;)

Leovi said...

Interesting Su Shi.

Hayley said...

Hallo! Welcome back ya! ;)

Happy mooncake festival to you~

HappySurfer said...

I can hear "I can see clearly now" over the airwaves. Hope all's well, Bananaz.

Leovi said...

Beautiful image of Chang'e.

EastCoastLife said...

Didn't eat too much mooncakes, did you? Take care of your health.

LifeRamblings said...

I prefer the snowskin mooncakes to the traditional baked ones. the textures are great and they're delicious.

Kian Fai Koh said...

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Fest, gua sakit on that day haahah :X

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