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Jan 19, 2014

இ Horse Up 馬上

Time not only slithers time just flies. The 'Snake' would be hissing goodbye pretty soon to make way for the Horse. Bananaz wanna apologies for MIA over couple of months been busy and hectic with overseas trips. The coming Horse Year will be a very special and unique year. Based on the lunar calendar, the year of Horse will commence on 31 January 2014 and ends on 18 February 2015. So this year we will have 2 occurrence of the first solar term or 立春 *lichun* (beginning of spring) within a year which is on 4 February 2014 and 4 February 2015. This makes the Year of the Horse a 'double spring year' 双春年 *shuāng chūn nián* plus a 閏月*rùn yuè* ie a leap 9th lunar month in this year. The old folks believe this is a good omen especially for wedding ceremony and giving birth. The next double spring year will be in the year of Rooster in 2017.

What's next?

The story above on 'The Clever Old Man' reminds us NOT to mess with old people. The three panicky pretty ladies "horse up" 馬上 *mǎ shàng* jumped out of the pond immediately with lightning speed regardless of wearing nothing.  馬上 *mǎ shàng* lit. ''horse up'' means ~ at once / right away / immediately / (on horseback).

We all know most Chinese words are based on pictograph, see how the word evolved gradually comparing the top pixz with the four legs and tail and a nice mane on the head. However the traditional word for horse '馬' *mǎ* was further simplified to '马' *mǎ*.

Found something quite interesting about the U.S. Postal Service while surfing the internet. USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is honoring the Chinese culture with The "Year of the Horse" stamp, the latest in the postal service's 12-year Lunar New Year stamp series, which runs through 2019. The stamp, which features drums and a small horse in the upper left corner, "signals that fresh beginning" of a new year.

For this Horse Year the most popular idiom which would be overly mentioned is 馬到成功 *mǎ dào chéng gōng* lit. 'horse arrives, succeed' (meaning: to win instant success).  For more idioms to use during this coming CNY can refer to last year's idioms which can still be applicable other than those snakey idioms.

Here's wishing ALL A Happy & Horseperous New Year with 馬上有錢 *mǎ shàng yǒu qián* 'immediately got money' (horse back got money).

49 Bunchesஇ:

lina said...

Hi Bananaz!

Long time no see/hear! (or read) ;)

இBananazஇ said...

lina இ yalor longgggg time no see no hear no read lolz

Merryn said...

Bananaz, you sure you are not the old man feeding crocodiles? Sure sounds like you :P

Happy horsing around and yeah, nice to see you are back :)

wenn said...

Horse is a special animal. Wish you all success with the horse galloping speedily to usher in the new year.

TZ said...

I can see horsy everywhere...

Twilight Man said...

Aiyo! You always MIA like a busy pilot... Snake is hisssing off and here the Horse brought you to your blog again. So you are teaching us valuable tales of the Ma....!!!

Twilight Man said...

That old man's joke made me laugh and this is the first time I am hearing it. Sure it sounds like me too. Don't mess with me, as i always told my office colleagues! I like your wisdom in sharing stories of deep thoughts.

I heard the real CNY day starts in february!

Daisy said...

Funny story about the old farmer.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, Bananaz!

[SK] said...

hey, Bananaz!! long time no see, errr i mean in your own blog and mine lah.. but i do see you occasionally in HappySurfer's blog, at least that means you are not totally MIA lah.. haha!! :D

[SK] said...

wishing you
馬上 到成功
馬上 一當先
馬上 龍精神

馬上 恭喜發財!!!

Anonymous said...

Always a joy to read your posts... I am also learning some chinese characters from you... which probably makes me 'more banana' than you... no? :-)

Iriene said...

I truly enjoyed reading your 'Ma Tao You Chien' post. Reading the Clever Old Man story really makes my Monday a fun filled with laughter day. Thanks :)

realtor-at-work said...

Hi Bananaz

First time leaving my footprint here. Huh ! the old man very clever lo, lesson learnt, never mess around with old people. Here wishing you a blessed 2014.... Cheryl

Jaanus Leoste said...

☆彡 ☆ミ
( ̄ー ̄)

Small Kucing said...

Gong hei gong hei...

Thanks for the story on the horse. Hope this year will be prosperous for all

Amelia said...

Hi Bananaz, how you doing? wu.... better don't mess with oldman cos they eat salt more than I eat rice. LOL

Love the last picture 'horse back got money.' I sure love to have this...:))

Wishing you all the best in 2014.
Have a great day.

இBananazஇ said...

Merryn இ Haha happy horsing around

wenn இ Yes for 2014 its total max horse power

TZ இ Seeing horsy everywhere is so much nicer than seeing people everywhere as been said in one ghost movie haha

இBananazஇ said...

Twilight Man இ tQ love to share stuff that can benefit banana people like me as not lose out on Chinese culture.

Daisy இ Oh McFarmer had a pond eieio..haha smart old man right!

[SK] இ Love stuff that tickle my mind, especially HappySurfer's Friday Frolic & also your 'spot the difference'. tQ for more input on horsey idioms.

wishing you the same..
馬上 恭喜發財!!!

இBananazஇ said...

lronglim இ That's what bananaz are for.. helping fellow bananaz to be mango haha.

realtor-at-work இ Hi Cheryl tQ for dropping by. Wishing you a Horseperous Chinese New Year too

Jaanus Leoste இ Hi you looked very familiar, tQ for dropping by. Lovely stars

இBananazஇ said...

Small Kuching இ Kung Hei Kung Hei tou seng kung. Wishing you & family a Neighing Horseperous Chinese New Year

Amelia இ Hi, Bananaz is doing great tQ, been busy like an ant. You are sure to get the $$$ $oon this coming neighing horseback. Huat Ah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the Horse Year will be good for you and me and all our loved ones! It's next week!!! Qong Xi Fa Cai in advance....

HappySurfer said...

Hi Bananaz, yet another informative and entertaining post. Thanks for the laugh too. Very clever old man. :O

With so many goodies next year, no wonder I read that the Year of the Horse promises positive things vis-a-vis this Snake year or worse, last year. I wonder if the 9 Emperor Gods Festival will be celebrated twice. hmm..

Yes, thank you for stopping by at least on Fridays for that little frolicking. I appreciate that very much. :D

I wish you a very prosperous and healthful new year, Bananaz! May everything you wish for come true for you in the new year.

இBananazஇ said...

suituapui இ Certainly the horse would be kind to kind people like you and me hmmmm *clearing throat* haha. Huh its next week..phew another crazy 'running around again'. All the best to you and family

HappySurfer இ Good thinking two 'kau ong yeah' celebration for this year? Never wanna miss your Friday Frolic. Wishing you a horseperous year with max horse power & money on horseback.

Hayley said...

Year of the horse!

இBananazஇ said...

Hayley இ tQ both also want health & wealth haha. All the same horseperous CNY to you and family.

mNhL said...

Hi Bananaz,

Thks for this post as I really do not know about the double spring !

May the horse year bring you good health and more wealth.

இBananazஇ said...

mNhL இ Glad you get to know the double spring for this horsey year. Wishing you all the best and a happy great galloping year ahead.

Rurousha said...

Hallo, Bananaz! Here's another person who's gone MIA because she's been frantically busy.

Ah well. MIA is OK. As long as we're not DOA. :D

Thanks for this horse-y post. I love it when you start unraveling myths and folklore.

I hope the year of the horse will be a great one for you! Let's also hope that it will slow down a bit, from gallop to fast trot, so that we can catch our breaths. :)

Angie said...

Gosh, I made a comment earlier.. not sure what happened but I was suddenly kicked out..hahaha
Hi Bananaz, thanks for this informative post. and nothing like a good laugh over clever jokes like the Clever Old Man hahaha..

Angie said...

Opps.. I also meant to wish you Happy and Prosperous Chines New Year.

Fay Jesselton said...

Hey Bana!

Nice post and good story. HNY!!!


MiChi said...

haha... wise old man.... I like the last one, 马上有钱! immediately turn rich... i wish this will turn real in 2014... happy cny to you!

Simple Person said...

so many horsiee stuff..
I wish you a HOR-SEHHHHHH chinese new year..
huat ahhhhhhhhhh

இBananazஇ said...

Rurousha இ Seems quite a lot of people are talking this year gonna be a great horse-y year and lets keep our fingers and toes crossed and keeping horseshoe for good luck.

Angie இ Wishing you a A Happy & Horseperous CNY

Fay Jesselton இ tQ GongXiFaCai

இBananazஇ said...

Michi இ tQ here's wishing you & family a Happy & Horseperous CNY too

Simple Person இ Hor-say!!! Tai kar cai cai huat ahhhhhh

EastCoastLife said...

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Horse year!

இℬaŋäŋaƶஇ said...

EastCoastLife இ Same to you. GongXiFaCai

HappySurfer said...

Keong Hee Huat Chai, stylish Bananaz! :D

Trust you are having a hor-seh great start to a wonderful year ahead!

இℬaŋäŋaƶஇ said...

HappySurfer இ Yeah Hor-seh, Hor-chiak & Hor-mia on all Horse-picious day in Horsey Year. Same to you, huat tou hm cheng hm chor too

rainfield61 said...

Sorry for not "马上来访“.

But wish you 马上有钱。

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Bananaz, a bit late, but here's wishing you all the very best of this horse year.
Enjoyed reading your humorous posting.
Keep well and best regards.

இℬaŋäŋaƶஇ said...

rainfiled61 இ lovely. 马上有钱 really need this

Uncle Lee இ Hi Lee its your Year buddy. A 马-rvelous year for you.

HappySurfer said...

Hello Bananaz? How are you? Still globe-trotting? ;)

foongpc said...

Hi Bananaz! No new post? Thanks for dropping by my blog yeah :)

HappySurfer said...

Hi Bananaz, let me guess. You're living it up at another beautiful resort. Very hor-see, indeed! :D

HappySurfer said...

You cracked me up!


Happy 'Powchung' to you!

HappySurfer said...

So clever, you! The rain in Spain, indeed. Happy Papa's Day! :D

Small Kucing said...

bananaz...where are you...why stopped blogging liao. eyes okay ka?

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