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Jan 19, 2010


Bartholomew Manfredi tooted the pocket clock in 1462 and couple of centuries later, a locksmith from Nuremberg, Peter Henlein invented the portable watch in the 16th century. It soon evolved to wrist watch in the late 1800s by a Swiss watch maker, Patek Phillippe; though at first only women wore them. The man's wristwatch was invented by Louis Cartier in the early 1900s. We salute the inventors and grateful to them for giving us the convenience all these years to show us the time.

Know this is crazy but I wonder (all becoz of Manglish, who started off with 'wonder') how many still wear a watch or keep them at home? Let's do a simple short test and see how high is your awareness level or are you taking your closest 'buddy' for granted even though it sticks to your skin as long as 12 hours per day for many years. Here we go..

1. What is the face color of your favorite watch?
2. Is there a date, if yes where is it situated at, the '3' or '6'?
3. Any idea is it in Roman numerals or natural numbers?
4. Is there a third hand showing the seconds?
5. Leather strap or metal strips?

So how well do you know your watch? You will be surprised at the finding even though we have been wearing it for ages. There are many ways of reading and telling the time from a watch, a clock or the latest handphone. What an awkward way to 'Ass' for the time? Check this out..

How much do you value your watch? Do you wear an expensive timepiece or just like me instead of owning only one expensive watch I can have dozen other watches?

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Merryn said...

You know what? The questions bout the watch? I dont even know the answer to some of it..

What is the face colour of my favourite watch? I dunno..

I see it everyday.. yet I dunno... horror!!!

Merryn said...

LOL..... like stupid I go and watch the video till the END!!!! aiyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

manglish said...

haahahhhahahhahhahahahhaha u got wonderitis too oredi ar hahahaaaa......btw i dun own any watch bcs of the nature of my work but i would love to own one of those metal strip cool Swatch ahahaha but expensive leh

manglish said...

ohhhh another thing i like navy blue face hehehhe

Shingo T said...

I bought my watch in Switzerland for a freaking S$400. It was supposed to be a memento in case I never get to go Europe ever again.

Not used to going out without my watches, must never lose track of time.

One thing I find about my "expensive" watches is that it's never down, unless no battery. I would say it's a good investment, this watch will continue to be my buddy for the next 10 years (hopefully).

wenn said...

haha, nice video. i love to wear different kinds of watches.

molly said...

I like watches but not wearing one. I am very punctual although without a watch but I have many clocks in my house, almost every corner.

Cloudia said...

My casio is just for timing my meditation...Usually my mobile phone is my time keeper...
Old time pieces are lovely things though

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

HappySurfer said...

LOL! Nice little test on observation and info about origins of watches. And not forgetting the amusing video. Thanks for the laugh, Bananaz.

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Hahaha! very funny. It just teach us not to assume and presume. I don't own a watch. I used to have expensive ones but all of them conked off due to my negligence because I never wear them. Now, my most reliable watch is my alarm clock and mobile phone.

Bananazക said...

Merryn ക horror!!! too long submerryn must surface up to be aware of the things closest to us. haha. TQ

manglish ക "wonderitis" haha. Swatch is cool had a few before but kaput, navy blue face color is nice. TQ

Shingo T ക Never own a watch at that price. Good watches are reliable and hope it exceed the 10years. TQ

Wenn ക more choices so easy for you to match your clothes haha. TQ

molly ക collecting but not wearing. Clocks all over the house to remind you to be on time.TQ

Cloudia ക using the hourly beep to time your meditation? May the force be with you. Aloha

HappySurfer ക gather all these observation training during seminars. It shocked me too for not knowing what I have been wearing for donkey years. lol

Autumn Belle @ KDP ക very trendy now to check time with handphone and the public are slowly dropping the idea of wearing wristwatch. TQ

Anonymous said...

I know my watch very well. LOL..

1.What is the face color of your favorite watch?
Midnight blue

2. Is there a date, if yes where is it situated at, the '3' or '6'?
There's a date, and it's at the 3

3. Any idea is it in Roman numerals or natural numbers?
Neither... it's in gold er... wud do you call it...long dots?

4. Is there a third hand showing the seconds?
Yes, there's a third hand showing the seconds.

5. Leather strap or metal strips?
It's leather straps, and it's the classic kind... not a fancy watch.

LOL... how I know this? Cuz the watch is a couple watch. Bought it together with husband as anniversary present. *grinZ*

Bananazക said...

Cleffairy ക Waaaahhhh sooooo *lum* [romantic] my fingers got 'lummed' by the *lum* cannot type well already. Treasure the love. Really know your watch perfectly well, very lovely anniversary present!:) TQ

fufu said...

i wanna get myself a leather strap one!!! i am wearing a seiko metal strap given by my sister as my graduation present :) i have only one!! and the only watch in my room...

Bananazക said...

fufu ക wonderful graduation present, stay 'faithful' keeping it for sentimental reasons. TQ

foongpc said...

I don't wear watches. I'm not fond of them. Haha!

foongpc said...

My handphone double up as my watch, so why do I need a watch right? And I can't live without my handphone. Haha

Kelvin said...

I look at the sun for time.

[SK] said...

hey, i can tell, i can tell.. i don't have a favourite watch.. maybe the current one is my favourite..

#1. blue
#2. '4'
#3. Digit Numerals
#4. it has 6 hands indeed
#5. metal

Bananazക said...

foongpc ക yeah very trendy now keeping track of time via handphone even alarm also use handphone. Got lady friend laugh at me for using alarm clock, told her act as insurance in case handphone not loud enough to wake me up. TQ

Kelvin ക cool! another Crocodile Dundee from Australia? Looking at the sun for time, what about nite time, at the moon? haha. TQ

[SK] ക very interesting watch! Not bad you can remember your watch so well. A special gift from somebody I presume. TQ

CH Voon said...

I am damn sure and ask all the question correctly because the watch with me now!

CH Voon said...

my watch are given by my wife nearly 9 years ago... still can use! good watch le!

CH Voon said...

Shit! i cannot copy or save this clip! and have to watch it at factory while a long people walk by... if i kena tangkap... .....

CH Voon said...

hahaha hold the breast can feel the time!

I need to bring a cow with me!

I am wrong!

what a silly trick ar!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Nothing expensive - just one on the wrist to know night and day!!!

Bananazക said...

CH Voon ക You cannot look at your watch when answering the questions just to see how well you know you watch of 9 years. TQ

Keats The Sunshine Girl ക yeah timely purpose. TQ

Rose Belle said...

I don't wear watches. They don't look right on my wrist. Guess it's coz my wrist is really tiny. I just read about Cartier and his first in New York City which is still there today. I never knew the watch was invented that far back in the 1400's. That's really something, I guess all the creative minds of the past give us what we have today.

William Manson © 2010 said...

hello friend. I know my watch like the back of my hand lol, I have to have normal hands, no digital, the date is beside the 3, which I never use lol, interesting post...

jingle said...

I share the same answer as William...
well, you really got people thinking
and wondering normal but interesting stuff...

I enjoyed the comments from others here,
appreciate your smartness in doing this activities.

take good care,
thank you for visiting my blog ;)

CheaHS@n said...

Oops shoot! not aware of the face colour. No date and natural numbers but the '3' is on the left and '6' on the right and the third seconds hand is moving anti-clockwise.

Anonymous said...

I don't wear an expensive watch but am happy with the one I have. Don't need another. After all, how many watches does one need?

I like the ad featuring Patek Phillipe's watch. Nice one...where the tagline goes something like "you don't own merely keep it for the next generation or something".

Bananazക said...

Rose Belle ക quite a number who don't wear watches here. Thanks to the great minds for their inventions. TQ

William Manson © 2010 ക wow another mindful person with great awareness. TQ

jingle ക looks like you guys good in poems, haikus etc are very mindful people. TQ

CheaHS@n ക shoot the watch for not recognizing the face color? Reverse in time? TQ

Mei Ting ക "you don't own merely keep it for the next generation or something"..Oh a nice legacy. How I wish my dad kept a few Patek Phillipe's watches for me haha. TQ

Autumn Belle said...

My friend, my post today is dedicated to you. TQVM for being my first commenter for my Mickey Mouse Plant post.

Bananazക said...

Autumn Belle ക Thank you very much for your dedication and the link.

Anonymous said...

I could only remember the watchband, a black velcro band, as far as the watch, I think it's digital...
Time is the same on all watches.

Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time!


Bananazക said...

Secretia ക Great! yeah time is the same no more no less. TQ

CH Voon said...

hahaha ok ok... i try again without see my watch.

1. black.
2. 3
3. natural numbers
4. yes
5. metal strips.

hahaha i answer it correct as well!

jingle said...

you got the math correct, friend,
I got to wait until afternoon to release all the entries, some other people deserve the chance to try it...

in two words, 911 is
nine eleven,
September 11th, which is your birthday,

or help, help,
emergency number,
call police,

awesome job.

jingle said...


Thank you for the math challenge entry,

two solutions posted yesterday, it depends on how you cut or fold the papers.

I enjoyed visiting here, and sorry for coming in late.

Keep up the excellence,
See you later.

jam said...

I got all the answers right for my watch or watches as I have 2 and switch from time to time. I do not wear watch at home.

Bananazക said...

CH Voon ക Wow you get them all correct! Great awareness.

jingle ക TQ & appreciate your encouragement.

jam ക Congratz! Another great minfullness.

jingle said...

Hello, How are you?
I hope everything is great for you,
keep blogging,
keep smiling.

cheers, ;)

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I do not wear watches.
Just never like too.
LOL. On the other hand,
hubby almost never take his watch
He is an international chef
with an A&B personality.
Hence, now , I do not even
worry about
Have you a great weekend.

Bananazക said...

jingle ക Great! I'm fine, thanks for the 'spurs' and well wishes. Lately have been busy with CNY around the corner need to wrap up Ox'picious Year and close with a Growl to usher in the Tiger. TQ :p

ShAKirA CHOONG ക Wow quite a number do not wear watches nowadays. So no need to worry about time, there is 'No' time haha. TQ

Merryn said...

I must learn from Kelvin to tell time from the sun! :)

Bananazക said...

Merry ക Yeah the next 'crocodile dundee' haha. TQ

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