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Mar 17, 2010


At the 100-day mark Obama said he is “proud of what we’ve achieved but I’m not content” in a prime-time news conference. For a normal probation of senior executives would be 6 months and some earliest at 3 months. From conception to birth it takes roughly about 9 months for the baby to be born. In Daoism 49 days somehow has been significantly practised in their rituals and customs. Do you reckon 49 days or 100 days is long compared to 9 months? What about comparing the shortest 49 days to ONE day and that particular ONE day you are facing a technical glitch with internet and you cannot get your work done from noon until the next morning. Guess that ONE day is so hard to stomach and its like 100 days to me. The same analogy of sitting with someone you don’t like for 5 minutes seems like 50 minutes versus chatting up with your sweet heart for 50 minutes and that was  merely like 5 minutes. You can guess how much frustration is building up by looking at the cartoon below, a picture paints a thousand words..


Internet connection got cut off before noon did a ‘Diagnose and repair’ nothing happens. Wait another hour nothing happens. On/Off the router still nothing happens. Called TM at 1300 88 1515 or 100 and you get this “Selamat datang..untuk Bahasa Malaysia tekan 1, for English press 2, for technical assistance press 1...please enter your area code & service number followed by the # key..Huh what is area code and service number? What the heck is the service number? Gee I found out later its referring to the telephone area code and service number is telephone number oops. Spent quite a number of hours trouble shooting the problem and I would say TM technical staff are very helpful. Until all else fail we gave up and I pray hard for the next day.

Actually the whole problem comes from external due to some TNB cable fault. I received two follow up calls from TM in the morning regarding my report on the faulty connection,  I'm impressed they have raised the bar with tremendous improvement in customer service. All went on well after 10:00 am this morning and what a great relief I'm alive and kicking again lol. ~:o)

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

No complaints! - long as it may seem, the 9 months is for babies( all of us!)to be nice and ready and fully grown to greet the world:). Sorry, can't blow a short fuse when a technical hitch appears.I'll just leave it to hubby to solve!

fufu said...

hohoho wish it could be better when i am back home next year =p

smallkucing said...

haiz....complaint a million time still the same :(

TZ said...

hmmm... you might be the first and only one person that really impress with TM Streamyx support :p

Anyway, if it's true they provide a better service ... I don't mind continue to subscribe with Streamyx... Errrr.... do i have a choice :p

wenn said...

true, time is always too short when u r enjoying yrself.

Tekkaus said...

Actually in the Streamyx is better than the other you know. :D

manglish said...

i will die without internet, seriously no joke *serious face*

Bananazക said...

Keats The Sunshine Girl ക great for you no complaints smooth sailing. tQ

fufu ക would be better to welcome you home *ming tian hui geng hao* tQ

smallkucing ക tell em off you no longer small kucing now a ferocious tiger so watch out haha. Do try again maybe things might be better, I was skeptical too when I picked up my phone to dial TM as I expected the worst. tQ

TZ ക seriously I was prepared to accept the worst but it turned out otherwise after I spoke to 3 different persons intermittently all of them were very helpful and nice. tQ

wenn ക yeah very well said, people forget about time during happy state but keep counting every seconds when depressed.

Tekkaus ക sorry have not check with those using 'potong' or other ISP. Guess they would have their ups & downs too. tQ

manglish ക frustrated to death??? Who wouldnt be once you are hooked on it, its like live wire haha. For that one day alone I have checked and rechecked the telephone cable, and have been on/off on/off my router for umpteenth times even at the very last second before shut down hoping it gets connected. tQ

Merryn said...

From my experience, each time I call them, YES, they are helpful but can never rectify the problem until the next day when the technical support come and replace the port. It's always the port problem so I'm always left with a night without access.. bummer..

HappySurfer said...

Yeah, it can be frustrating having to get thru to a few people but once they've nailed the problem, everything will start kicking in. I agree that their customer service has improved.

Glad you are back online, Bananaz..

I like your comment to fufu: *ming tian hui geng hao* Very positive there.. LOL!

Autumn Belle said...

I can live 1 day without the internet. But I cannot live one day with streamyx not being able to solve the problem. Since I started with streamyx, they break down a few times every year, without fail. TM staff very nice and sweet but what's the use if they still cannot solve the problem fast? This is very frustrating. I get all worked up just thinking about it, so now I'm gonna touch wood many many ....times.

Rose Belle said...

It is frustrating when the internet is down. It's even more frustrating when you call your cable company and they are non-responsive. Don't you just hate their automated system? So hard to get a live human being to talk.

Anonymous said...

Have been experiencing very poor internet connection at night. Don't know why but there seemed to be no signal at all..sometimes from around 7pm onwards till the next morning 7am! Internet connection is okay during daytime. Anyone has this problem too? I am thinking of terminating streamyx and subscribing to Maxis.

Any advice?

cleffairy said...

This is Malaysia. Malaysia boleh. Boleh blah la!

[SK] said...

i really hate calling the TM hotline..

1) the "introduction" takes like 5 minutes, gotta press this press that at the menu, until i can get to the operator - this takes 5 minute

2) after requesting to go for operator support, wait at least another 10 minues before there's somebody "not currently busy" to attend..

3) after attended, need to do all verification and stupid checking, that takes another 10 minutes

4) and when everything is done, it's just as easy as resetting my port.. and taaah-daaah, problem solved..

see?? this is customerservicelisation you call~~

Bananazക said...

Merryn ക Oops looks like most not quite happy with Streamyx. Oh that one night for you seems like 100 days right? kesian. tQ.

HappySurfer ക think it could be also the vibration that we sent out. I had bad experiences those days fuming mad when I dialed and get the same dosage in return. But this time I was cool calm and collective. Yeah *ming tian hui geng hao* tQ

Autumn Belle ക faced the same reaction like you too in the past, worst nobody picked up the phone. tQ.

Rose Belle ക its most of the time adding salt to injury. Problem with another problem haha. Yeah its lousy talking to machine. haha. tQ

Mei Teng ക probably due to traffic jams as the evenings mostly are peak time when Europe & US going full swing. Agree daytime is much better especially when I tested YouTube no buffering required but at night might vomit blood haha. Sorry no idea about other ISP's service. tQ

cleffairy ക in hakka we say "hm chor tek" haha. tQ

[SK] ക its a real challenge at times talking to machine not even TM, banks or other organisation as well. You got Cantonese version of customer servicelisation? haha.tQ.

CH Voon said...

have a nice weekend... long post, i will save it and comment later okie!

Bananazക said...

CH Voon ക long post? take care drink more water and rest more. tQ

ladyviral said...

we just can't love streamyx more than anything else can we?

Somehow I am glad I am no longer using their services :P.

Bananazക said...

ladyviral ക glad you have gotten rid of the "steam" while we still need to 'suffer' with streamyx. Heard from friends the ISPs are quite advance in Spore. So no need to waste time watching YouTubes with all those buffering intermittently? tQ

CH Voon said...

Cool! This is the tactic you want to deliver a message to us. Great!
I agree. We live in internet world now. Everyday, we go to surf net.
However, we still need go out to take a deep breath of fresh air. : )

Jingle said...

internet age is both fun and trouble some...
thank you for the insightful post!
take care.

Jingle said...

Shakira does not feel well,
I know she used to be your friend,
best wishes,
I could not help much,
would you mind emailing or commenting on her blog to greet her,
I am sure it helps...
no obligations,
I wish everyone is friend to everyone,

thank you for the support and
you rock!

Bananazക said...

CH Voon ക need to strike a balance and do things in moderation. tQ

Jingle ക most welcome. will do shall pop over Shakira's. tQ

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