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Apr 1, 2010

இ Who Let The DOGS Out? ~ [狗]

doglaffDogs are man's best friend. You need full committment to own a dog which is a lifetime relationship. This world is a strange planet we have people sleeping with pet dogs on the same bed, we have people who go helter-skelter upon seeing a dog. Some countries would have dog meat on their menu while some animal lovers protested and campaigned for a ban on eating dogs. One man's meat is another man's poison so debating on this issue until the cows come home will never end. Why not let sleeping dogs lie and have some fun learning some Chinese idioms instead. The word below is DOG ~ 狗 [gǒu] and quite a number of idioms are derived from this word. Another word for dog is  [quǎn].

Oops who let the DOGS o.O"ut?

Who let the dogs out (wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of")
Who let the dogs out (wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of")
(wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of" wo.Of")

指雞罵狗 ~ zhǐ jī mà gǒu
Literally: point chicken scold dog
Meaning: to point at the chicken while scolding the dog; to find a scapegoat

偷雞摸狗 ~ tōu jī mō gǒu
Literally: steal chicken touch dog
Meaning: to dally with women / to have affairs

阿猫阿狗 ~ ā māo ā gǒu
Literally: a cat a dog
Meaning: general term for people of any description; every Tom, Dick & Harry

狗逮老鼠 ~ gǒu dài lǎoshǔ
Literally: dog catches mice
Meaning: to be meddlesome; busy about other people's business

咬人狗兒不露齒 ~ yǎo rén gǒur bù lù chǐ
Literally: bite man dog no show fangs
Meaning: the dog that bites does not show its fangs; You can't tell the real dangerous enemy from his external appearance.

雞飛狗走 ~ jī fēi gǒu zǒu
Literally: chicken fly dog run
Meaning: To drive off or scatter in different directions; dispersed

掛羊頭,賣狗肉 ~ guà yáng tóu, mài gǒu ròu
Literally: hang goat's head, sells dog meat
Meaning: to cheat/dishonest advertising / wicked deeds carried out under banner of virtue.

For those who wishes to listen to the pronunciation either in Cantonese or Putonghua (Mandarin) kindly copy and paste the Chinese words onto the sidebar on the right ~ "Learning By Ear" Powered by CU Vocal and hit the [Read] button. Btw you need to clear those existing Chinese words in the box first before you paste.


77 Bunchesஇ:

Merryn said...

DOG eat DOG world?

smallkucing said...

Dog Eat Dog Bone?

[SK] said...

but looks like the idioms that involve dogs don't mean good things.. eg:


CH Voon said...

i prefer dog rather than cat.

My wife likes dog as well.

But, i cannot have pet in my house.

If i have one, it will soon go to heaven or mati ko ko for sure.

I dont know why???

Tekkaus said...

These are hard bro. How come some of the idioms I have never heard before?:p

manglish said...

and also walking dog hahahahaha....

Kelvin said...

My favorite song 10 years ago:D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

NOO! argh! i hate dog very much! XD my dad loves dog very much. =.= no dog in my life except poodle! :P

Bananazക said...

Merryn ക yo you're 1st me no eat dogs what's that? haha. tQ

smallkuching ക dog also no eat meow2. Guess this is an unoffical version often being said.hhhaaa.tQ

[SK] ക Great! thankz Sifu heard of 2&4 shall add in my entry. tQ

CH Voon ക Really! you're not dog eater mah? Can consult FoongShui master haha. tQ

Tekkaus ക If coming from "Mango" [Chinese educated] is hard what about from Bananaz [English educated]? Actually that's the wonder of internet. I have heard only some of it though. tQ

manglish ക another Sifu to consult on Mandarin too, anymore idioms to add here on walking dogs maybe? haha. Xiexie.

Kelvin ക wah where have you been? its been a longggggg time you 'disappeared'. Welcome back. Oh your favorite song eh. tQ

Caroline Ng May Ling ക Hate is a very strong word hehe. You are the opposite of your dad huh but not that bad after all, you still love poodle ~:)tQ

Bengbeng said...

i find dogs faithful n very affectionate. u have quite a collection of sayings here

HappySurfer said...

Bananaz, you have quite a collection here. I hear these more in Cantonese Hkg dramas. Thanks for the laugh. Great images too.

Bananazക said...

Bengbeng ക very true dogs are quite intelligent too. tQ

HappySurfer ക coincidently while doing this post heard one of the idiom "steal chicken touch dog" being said in the series over TV haha. tQ

Mei Teng said...

Eating dogs, cats, rabbits etc are a big no no! So cruel..and I cannot imagine how people can stomach that.

I like the picture of the dog with an enlarged head.

Bananazക said...

Mei Teng ക strictly NO dog, cat or rabbit for me too. Big headed doggie is cute eh! Quite like the eyes. tQ

Alice Law said...

Hi, hopping by from CH Voon's blog! Was actually intrigued by your post title... you must be a dog lover right? I used to love dogs, very very much! I trained them, cared and treated them like my kids... until 2 yrs back, after my dog got poisoned. It was my fault, that I let him wandered while I helped burrying a died dog that appeared near my house... sigh~!

Pete said...

Ha ha ha, cute and funny post about man's best friend!

cleffairy said...

All I can think right now is shui gou! LMAO...

Rose Belle said...

I've never heard of any of these idioms before. I can't really read chinese so I'm reading the pinyin. Good to learn these idioms. My coworker taught me one that stuck in my head which is "do the tai chi" meaning to pass the work to others. Thanks for the mini chinese lesson!

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Hawaii my Friend

Comfort Spiral

suituapui said...

In Hokkien, there are: chau kana kau (run like a dog), chau kau (smelly dog), chap cheng kau (son of a bitch)...LOL!!! In English, "Every dog has its day!" or "Don't be like a dog barking at the moon" and so on...

CheaHS@n said...

Ah Dogs! Reminds me of two *Bulldog* person. One is Bulldog Kuan our official scrutineer who checks through our go-kart before each race. Have you seen a bulldog's face before? That's him fierce and serious no jokes & no smile, think that nickname suits him perfectly.

Another friend of mine is Bulldog Chua who does not own any living dog but his hobby is keeping toys, keychains or rather anything that has a bulldog on it. So buying him a gift is so easy. But he is cheerful and smiles all the time what a contrast.

Netster said...

You know I don't really like the song "whos let the dog out" in the radio but I thought it was really funny when the song was use in the movie! hahaha

The tool bar on the side is pretty cool! didnt know google have one of this gadget, thanks for sharing!

I felt cheated when I was in China. The boss a so call Malaysian born, truly 咬人狗兒不露齒! Everything was cheap so every one bought what they like, I bought RM1800 worth of jade and only to find out the jade is in a poor quality workmanship and also some scratch and broken pieces here and there...

The company stink! 掛羊頭,賣狗肉!

iamthewitch said...

Ahh the good old DOG :) My horoscope :P

the happy go lucky one said...

im not really a pet person, too lazy i guess. and i find the last dog picture very cute hahaaa...

molly said...

One more : 猪狗不如, Haha

Bananazക said...

Alice Law ക thankz for dropping by, not quite a dog lover had two dogs so far. Sorry to hear your dog got poisoned. Can start to own one again?. tQ.

Pete ക tQ Sir, hope you get over with that dog that charged at you?

cleffairy ക shui gou as in dimsum or scolding a dog? Sure is food lah haha tQ.

Rose Belle ക right 'do the tai chi'! Yeah we sometimes say that as well. tQ.

Cloudia ക tQ.. Aloha.

suituapui ക haha all the Hokkien's kau. Got a friend who must have this 3 words in his conversation. Eg kau sai leh where have you been or kau sai leh go makan oso never call. Kau sai leh tQ for dropping by. hahahaha

CheaHS@n ക haha Bulldog Kuan & Bulldog Chua dont have Bulldog Bananaz? lol tQ.

Netster ക thankz for dropping by, sometimes pictures can enhance the song haha. Sorry to hear you got 'slashed' by the Guan Gong's sword without even seeing blood in China. My goodness. tQ

iamthewitch ക who let the witch out woof woof woof woof hahaha. tQ

the happy go lucky one ക to have a pet you need full commitment cant go outstation for too long if not one takes care for you. tQ

bluedreamer27 said...

hi there, i saw you in Sk's blog so i drop by here and pay a visit,, geeh i love dogs.. i have one right now and i am very close to him... Unlike cats, dogs are sweeter and intelligent so i much prefer to have them.
I definitely agree with digs being the man's bestfriend....playing with your dogs will make you feel stress free....
thanks for sharing these idioms , i really learned a lot... it is so nice to be here
hope you can visit me too if you have time
Bluedreamer's Top Five

have a great day and happy blogging

will place you link in my blog roll so i can visit you here again

Bananazക said...

bluedreamer27 ക thankz for slipping by and your kind comments. Will hop over to peel your blog soon. tQ

Jingle said...

love your dogie post!
cute, creative, and fun!

Happy Easter,
Happy Sunday!

bluedreamer27 said...

hi there, thanks for peeling my blog hehe
i appreciate that, actually i have 16 blogs and 4 websites... ahhhaha (not so addicted into it right?)
it is my passion already...
you can visit me in my main blog
Bluedreamer's Top Five

have a great and thanks again for dropping

Ai Shiang said...

The older generation like my late grandparents like to call their children in association with animals. One of them is "Ah 狗". I once asked why didn't they just call them by his chinese or english name since he has both.

Bananazക said...

molly ക hi sorry I missed your 猪狗不如 zhūgǒubùrú {worse than a pig or dog} haha meant for scolding people! tQ.

Bananazക said...

Jingle ക Thankz Happy Easter 2U too. tQ

bluedreamer27 ക all in 20 sites you're not pinoy? But pi'superman'noy must learn from you how you do it. haha tQ

Ai Shiang ക yeah loh why kaukia, tukia? Got a MD nicknamed tukia, one of his friends dropped by reception counter asked for Tukia. Being new she said no such person, just then the MD walked by and he shouted "there that's Tukia why you said no such person". Very malu-ing!
Some would named their children by numbers at the least much better than dog or pig. There was a movie where a couple had 10 super natural kids and they were named 1-10. haha tQ.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Happy Easter, Bananaz!
Want to join the weekly Weekend Funnies
which I am hosting?
What is Weekend Funnies?

I really love this post about Dog.. my youngest is born in that year. So, in a strange way, I do have a dog for this life time!


Jingle said...

thank you for visiting my blog,
some awards for you to pick up,
Happy Sunday!

feel free to take or leave it...

Roofing Contractors NYC said...

I like pupy but i am scared to see dog's like that.

fufu said...

lol... 狗咬狗骨 :)

cleffairy said...

Shui gou as in food. Ahahahahahahhahaah?! I'm hopeless, aren't I?

CH Voon said...

i never eat dog before.... want to try but no chance hehehe

i dont know... maybe dog is my enemy last time gua....

or i am not look after them properly.

or it is time for them go to heaven lo.

or .... as what u say... i need to see feng sui master

wenn said...

pls send me yr address. i will send u a postcard of 101 taipei.

Jingle said...

love the song

"who let the dogs out".
fun post!
Happy Tuesday!

Cheryl said...

So enjoyed this! Love "who let the dogs out" very much!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

My dog is Robbie, a labrador. He's our pet. We have had Alsatians and a dashchund. He's the No1 if only he does not dig up my garden and run out of the house!! Everyone in the neighbourhood knows Robbie.

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

lol! n my dad hate poodle! duhh~~~ i ever get bitten by dog! argh!

Superman said...

I like that song! Who lets the dogs out, woff woff.
Funny pics of the dogs.

wenn said...

there's an award for u. pls refer: Flowers at Toucheng Leisure Farm

gus said...

Hey, great site! Love the reader on the sidebar. I don't speak any chinese but I'm no banana either. Knowing the language helps a lot.

bluedreamer27 said...

hi there! just visiting you here again have a great day and happy blogging

mNhL said...

Hi, 1st time here. I like the title Bananaz people). I'm afraid of dogs. And recently, my in-laws brought back 2 little puppies. When I saw them, I was like OMG!!! How am I suppose to walk in and out of the house freely!!! This fear has been in me since I was a child. And a hokkien I used to hear people around me said 'kau sai la' hahaha....

jam said...

Your Mandarin has improved a lot!

Bananazക said...

Hi sorry for late reply being held up with projects lately.

Sh@KiR@ CK ക Thankz, will juggle my time see can join you. tQ

Jingle ക tQ again

Roofing Contractors NYC ക puppies are cute to hold and hug but dogs are OK too haha. tQ

fufu ക that's not an 'official' idiom? haha. tQ

cleffairy ക was just pulling your legs you're perfectly OK knew what you meant haha. tQ.

CH Voon ക heard dog meat is heaty. Used to joke when people are not afraid of cold we say he eats dog meat. tQ.

Wenn ക thankz for the 101 Taipei & award.

Jingle & Cheryl ക yeah nice song by the 'Baha Men'. tQ.

Keats The Sunshine Girl ക Robbie is a nice name and also famous in the neighbourhood? Chasing cats, cars or people? haha. tQ

Caroline ക sorry your dad don't likey poodle ~:( tQ

Superman ക love the song too quite timely for the post. tQ.

gus ക thankz for dropping by hope you pick up a few Chinese words haha. tQ

bluedreamer27 ക tQ for 2nd round sorry time slightly tied got few projects. tQ

mNhl ക Hi thankz for dropping by. Should not show your fear else they would not bully you. tQ

jam ക thankz for your encouragement will tambah minyak 加油 . Xiexie.

foongpc said...

Hey where's the CU Vocal?Can't find it! I like listening to both the Mandarin and Cantonese version! : )

Ji said...

Happy Saturday!
Hope that everything goes well with you and your family!

you deserve the best!

Ji said...

award for your math effort,

Happy Sunday!

Bananazക said...

foongpc ക its there by the RHS under 'Learning by ear'. :)

Ji ക tQ tQ tQ.

Anonymous said...
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