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Nov 30, 2010

இ Pretty Taxing Poem..

A buddy friend from Sydney sent me an interesting email with a pretty taxing poem about the awful truth DownUnder. Rhymes well, short and sweet. Poor ole donkey taxed to the very limit and they truly squeezed every ounce of sweat out with the heavy load. My oh my! .

Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table
At which he's fed.

Tax his work,
Tax his pay,
He works for peanuts

Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.

Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he
Tries to think..

Tax his car,
Tax his gas,
Find other ways
To tax his ass.

Tax all he has
Then let him know
That you won't be done
Till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers;
Then tax him some more,
Tax him till
He's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in
Which he's laid.

When he's gone,
Do not relax,
It’s time to apply
The inheritance tax..

Accounts Receivable Tax
Airline surcharge tax
Airline Fuel Tax
Airport Maintenance Tax
Building Permit Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Death Tax
Dog License Tax
Driving Permit Tax
Environmental Tax (Fee)
Excise Taxes
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment (UI)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Petrol Tax (too much per litre)
Gross Receipts Tax
Health Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Interest Tax
Liquor Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Mortgage Tax
Personal Income Tax
Property Tax
Poverty Tax
Prescription Drug Tax
Real Estate Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Retail Sales Tax
Service Charge Tax
School Tax
Telephone Federal Tax
Telephone Federal, Provincial and Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sa les Tax
Water Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
And now Julia Eileen Gillard wants a Carbon Tax !


Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.. We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class, and Mum stayed home to raise the kids.

What in the "Hell" happened?
And then, there are the bank charges !
GO AHEAD - - - be an Australian !!!!!

Thanks Dale you're not alone..G'Day mate!

EM Banana dancing with a Christmas hat

55 Bunchesஇ:

Small Kucing said...

Gosh...very tension post....year end...have to submit income tax returns again

eugene said...

Yup,we are not alone,, i just received a warning letter from the Inland Revenue Board telling me to pay up,,, i said wait lah,let me pay by installments,,,,,,,

suituapui said...

Count our blessings...

Eugene? You earn so much? Have to pay your tax by instalments kah? LOL!!!

suituapui said...

Eat your heart out. I don;t pay income tax anymore...and I get paid every month - pension for doing nothing. Hehehehehehe!!!

Gratitude said...

That's why my kind of people are here to help lessen your taxes, for a minimal fee of course ;)

Ai Shiang said...

Hahaha! That is a funny one! But you have to know, Australia isn't the first to have so much tax. Have you seen Europe? But europe welfares are very well organised. Aussie has all these taxes to fund all sort of benefits - unemployment benefits, pensions etc. I don't think Malaysia has pensions to give away.

How is there a poverty tax? Never heard of that. Prescription drugs are expensive but after government's subsidies, consumers are only paying a fraction.

If there are so many taxes, why are there still people want to come to Australia? I wish the government would stop taking immigrant otherwise they will be driving the house prices up and up!

Kelvin said...

Tax is an excuse for the politicians to earn extra income~

MKL said...

That's called progress. Taxes are good, because they pay teachers, doctor, police, military etc. Of course that is, if the country is not corrupt.

fufu said...

protectionism >< brazil charges everything with high tax too ><

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Tax me poor brain to read all these taxes!! Do I have to pay them all???

bluedreamer27 said...

oh my goodness... there are so many kind of taxes...
for me..taxes are also the root of all kind of corruption ...
Here in Phil... the BIR or Bureau of Internal Revenue was involved in a lot of anomalies about their corrupt employees...

[SK] said...

my heart went pounding harder and harder as i read on the list of taxes.. hahahaha!! that's really scary, and how "creative" the taxes are right?? :D

[SK] said...

but at least i guess they are taxed for something good in a sense that they've got returns.. unlike us, though tax are relatively lower, but then we are like just paying for NOTHING as if throwing your money into the salty sea water!!! so in a way, guess we are suffering more??

[SK] said...

but if you are optimistic enough, you are paying tax for sending the astronaut to the moon and come back for a Dato title for no contribution to the nation, and you are paying tax for building the mega tower that will still be built despite all the objections from the rakyat~~

[SK] said...

so, we are at least paying tax for "something" to happen right?? :D

HappySurfer said...

Will the list for Malaysia be just as long, I wonder.

I just received an email about a new number plate for all vehicles that's got a microchip in it. It's compulsory and costs RM150!! And two companies have been awarded the contract (not thru open tender). Now, that's a new tax..

This poem reminds me of John Lennon's Working Class Hero somehow - that tone of anger..

Ai Shiang, pensions are paid to civil servants.

Ai Shiang said...

Do you mean government's employees and the military?

Netster said...

I like what Nino's said :)

HappySurfer said...

Ai Shiang, I believe all employees in the govt's employ - teachers included.

Bananazஇ said...

smallkucing இ yah year end the tax man is getting very busy again.

eugene இ wah fierce lah warning letter from the IRB must be earning ton$.

suituapui இ you are a 'liability' to the society not contributing any $$$ and yet receiving monthly so bad hahaha. A well deserved pension.

Bananazஇ said...

+Ant+ இ So you are the tax expert wait till Bananaz have a huge harvest earning too much uncountable money then would seek your kind assistance.

Ai Shiang இ without taxes without gomen. Eh poverty tax? Shall email to ask my buddy. Prices of houses increase is good for your investment start now to buy a row of shoplot or houses.

Kelvin இ Taxes are wages for politickians.

Bananazஇ said...

MKL இ Got a good point..mostly they are over paid and under work and leakages every where.

fufu இ they can tax as much as they want but must be prudent on how they spent them.

Keats இ the saying goes..'you can't run away, they (IRB) will sooner or later catch up with you'..haha.

Bananazஇ said...

Blue இ happens in every country depends how huge is the leakage..

[SK] இ Oops very taxing on your BP to read the taxes. You mean 'you pay peanuts you get monkeys or worst donkeys instead'?

HappySurfer இ bolehland lah..haha. googled JL's song agree some unhappy tone heard.

Ai Shiang இ tQ HappySurfer for the answer. Yup all gomen servants including military do receive pensions.

Bananazஇ said...

Netster இ great men think alike..

HappySurfer இ think there is an option for gomen civil servants to choose either pension or EPF..tQ

Pete said...

Next time they will have Blogger tax....ha ha ha!

Bananazஇ said...

Pete இ Oh shoot no Blogger tax please..tQ

Autumn Belle said...

Adui! Very taxing lah reading this :(

When the time comes for filing my tax returns, I won't be in good mood-lah.

HappySurfer said...

Oh? Thanks for info.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Oh yeah, this is very interesting. No doubt we have taxes on almost everything. It is funny that the dead is also tax.

But in our modern society, it seems that tax is inevitable.

Have a nice day bananaz.

Bananazஇ said...

Autumn Belle இ yo filing of tax returns in year end could be very taxing haha.

HappySurfer இ sama sama

willie a.k.a. reptoz இ the dead will have to face tax too haha..there is no inheritance tax levied in Malaysia.

Twilight said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! LMAO!

Twilight said...

It is funny! SO many creative taxes!


Ok - i find this is funny - they say 2 things are certain : Tax & death - excessive taxes which leads to early death!! TQ

Bananazஇ said...

Twilight இ will there be a laughter tax no more hahaha then. tQ

MRC இ Of the two, taxes happen annually but death is only once hehe. tQ.

cleffairy said...

The friends in Aussie is not alone. We Msian also the same. LOL!

Bananazஇ said...

cleffairy இ bolehland is catching up

foongpc said...

OMG!! So much taxes!!! Pengsan*

Bananazஇ said...

foongpc இ watch out more to come like Pete commented ~ blogger tax! Maybe twitter or fb tax for those who use more than certain hours hahahaha..

wenn said...

hate taxes..but what can we do?

Bananazஇ said...

wenn இ yeah what to do that's what life is all escape!

reanaclaire said...

i pening liow... very taxing me post! hahaha...

Bananazஇ said...

reanaclaire இ almost year end hope this post did not 'upset' you to pay up for your income tax. haha.

bluedreamer27 said...

hi bananaz... just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging

Bananazஇ said...

blue இ you have a great day too busy with studies lately? take care.

Alice Law said...

Luckily I'm a SAHM and don't need to be taxed, but I do tax my husband's pocket!^-^

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